Maureen's a Champ

Anonymous asked: "You like The Beatles and the Kennedy's? I'm sorry but you're perfect! :D ;)"

Hahaha omg I love you ! Lol no I’m not perfect, tho ;) It’s nice to see that someone likes both of my main interests ! ^^

poupetta64 said: Hi Norbert, so cute !

^^ My mom’s supposed to take him to the SPCA soon (protection of the animals) but he seems quite content near the pools of the neighborhood ! I have no idea how he got here though :O

thatbritneyshameless said: I’m Julie! Where are you from?

I’m from Montreal, QC ! ^^ How about you ? 

 thatbritneyshameless said: No probs, babe! What’s your name?

I’m Stephanie :) Enchantée, as we say here ^^ What’s your name ?! 

thatbritneyshameless said: You’re both gorgeous awe!

Ahh thank you so much dear ! ^^ Oh and thank you for following my main blog !! :)

chief-blue-meanie asked: "i saw somebody asking about a gif from 'something' where ringo and mo are dancing, i was wondering if this was the gif they were looking for?"

YES that’s the one !! Oh good I knew that someone nice and sweet would find it ^^ thank you so much !

confuse-a-cat-ltd said: What if it had negative calories? Now that would be amazing.

Ermagheerddddd like celery now that would be AMAZING omg

fuck-yeah-the-beatles asked: "Did you get in touch with Maureen's daughter?! If you did can I please have her email address?! X"

Yep I did, back in 2009 ! ^^ She was just so lovely (see my email and her reply). I don’t have her email, I got in touch with her on facebook ! She goes by her full name, Augusta King Tigrett. She and her dad are very private persons and I do understand why so I recommend 2 or 3 questions and a polite message and then that’s it because even though I don’t think she receives a whole lot of fan messages, we don’t know how far she’s willing to go with sharing stories and stuff. xoxox

AH I love that I just came on to my dashboard and this was the first thing <3 I LOVE this episode! (okay, I say that a lot… but this is in my top 10!) “You’re making me yearn for 4 letter words”
Aw I’m glad you like it ! I try to screencap & edit the parts I like the most (well there’s a ton of ‘em and of course I can’t screencap them all). Hahaha the quote ! I think that even if Bobby is like 2 years older than Elaine (well in reality Jeff was), she seems to be attracted by older guys, like a 10+ year difference, someone who would be a decent step-father for her children lol
Anonymous asked: "i was wondering if you had any interviews with Maureen, not the one with Ringo after they got married? X"

Mmmh you mean video interviews ? Sadly, no ! I don’t think she did any after this one to be honest. She didn’t like reporters and was always very loyal to Richie and the boys. She did one lengthy interview with french journalist Maurice Devereux in July 1988 for the magazine Le Chroniqueur (The Columnist), in which she talks about her time with Ringo and what she thinks of John, Paul & George and even Yoko. I can post it if you want me to :) (but of course it’s only words, no video footage whatsoever)

fuck-yeah-the-beatles asked: "I'm sorry I'm probably annoying you, but do you have a picture of Maureen when she was younger, like a kid? X"

No problem, hun ! No I don’t have one :S and I don’t think there’s one on the internet sadly… Photos of her started to surface in 1963 when she first started going out with Ringo, aged 16-17. Don’t know if you’re familiar with these (all from maureenstarrtribute) but I hope they will help ! :)









Anonymous asked: "hey, did Mo sleep with Marc Bolan? You ever hear this rumour before?"

No never heard of it before ! Though she was seen wearing a T.Rex shirt back in 1973 I think, two years before the divorce but that’s because Marc was a good friend of Ringo, hanging out with Harry Nilsson and Keith Moon. 


But back then, she was having an affair with George Harrison (Chris O’Dell said George revealed this in December 1973). After the short fling, she was a divorcee and went through really dark times, not being able to cope with the divorce (she didn’t want one in the first place). Even in 1979, she was still mourning the end of her relationship with Ringo, according to her close friend Chris O’Dell.   There was even talks of reconciliation : Ringo brought Maureen to a Playboy party in 1978 and they still attended events together with the children, like a family would. She later married longtime boyfriend Isaac Tigrett in 1989, with whom she had a daughter, Augusta, in 1987. And since Marc died in September 1977, that didn’t give them much time to have an affair. But oh well it was the 70s after all, who knows what happened..!

georgessitarstring said: You look like Cyn, omg.

I do ? Well thank you so much darling it’s a huge compliment ! It’s not the first time someone compares me to her… Can’t believe it ! 

theoneeders said: Love it!

^^ I just love old photos ! My grandma kept them all it’s incredible

fancymytumblr said: Elvis and Me is REALLY GOOD! I enjoyed it! I am not as in to Priscilla but my sisters are obsessed with her, but I really loved it!

Oh good ! I’m glad to hear it ! It’ll be a change from Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina lol I needed a change !